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Password Recovery for MySpaceIM

Password Recovery for MySpaceIM Password Recovery for MySpaceIM finds and shows saved MySpace passwords MySpaceIM finds and shows MySpace passwords saved by MySpaceIM (instant messenger created by MySpace) on your local system. Your MySpace password will be decrypted if you can successfully login with MySpaceIM without entering your password. Password Recovery for MySpaceIM is also able to recover MySpaceIM usernames and passwords from external user data files (created under the same Windows user account on the same computer). All you need to do to

Myspace Friend Finder 1.7.8: Myspace Friend Finder - Freeware MySpace automation software
Myspace Friend Finder 1.7.8

Myspace Friend Finder is a MySpace automation software program. It will allow you to get thousands of MySpace Friends in few minutes. Visit for Myspace Friend Finder updates and for more Freeware Tools.

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MySpace Browser 1.0.0

myspace experience. We developed this application because we were tired of viewing messy myspace profiles, and were tired of the cumbersome, unorganized MySpace website navigation. This program solves these all too common issues. It doesen’t matter if you are a die hard myspace user or just a casual user, this program is for you. MySpace Enhanced can help you manage and improve your MySpace Profile. You can easily find and add new layouts, graphics

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GlitterEditor 2: The GlitterEditor lets you create your own blinkies.
GlitterEditor 2

The GlitterEditor lets you create your own blinkies. It`s easy to use. You can use the created blinkies in forums, MySpace, MSN or on Blogs. Just use it where and whenever you want to.

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